Block Name: “Our Community Story”
Host Name: North Cavan Public Schoool
Address: 2001 County Rd 10, Cavan, Ontario L0A 1G0

This quilt block project was created by the students in Grade 1 and Grade 4-5 at North Cavan Public School in the spring of 2017.

The 20 individual blocks are mounted on five display panels made up of four blocks each, using traditional quilt patterns chosen by the participants.

The students selected the patterns that they felt reflected their community’s agricultural and rural roots; Log Cabin, Maple Leaf,
Wild Goose Chase and Bear’s Paw.

Several members of the Millbrook Needlers Quilt Guild directed and oversaw the project, meeting initially with the students in late winter to introduce them to the tradition of quilts and quilting.

CMBQT Board member Elaine Young, a member of the guild, researched the origins of 20 traditional quilt blocks linked to agricultural themes, and brought examples of all of the blocks to the students so that they coulddiscuss and evaluate them.
Then  the students from both Grade 1 and Grade 4-5 cast ballots to select the four patterns they used.
Beginning with paper and coloured pencils and crayons, they all learned about the importance of colour contrast.
Then the patterns were penciled onto the primed boards and Grade 4 and 5 students took the lead on taping.

In groups of two or three, the older students worked closely with their younger partners in the painting process, with guild members always in attendance to advise and encourage. By early June the blocks were finished and the students, their accommodating teachers, supportive principal and the guild members celebrated with a popsicle party outside, and photos of each group of students with their respective blocks.

Blocks designed and painted by Grade 1 and Grade 4-5 students,
North Cavan Public School, 2017.

Barn Quilt Trail Etiquette:

Please Respect Private Property. Most quilt blocks are installed on private property and should be viewed from the road.
Please do not trespass. In some cases - only where clearly indicated - the barn quilt may be located on a business and the property may be open to the public.

Please drive carefully. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. Use caution when slowing or stopping near a site

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