Block Name: Beechwood Schoolhouse
Host Name: Adrian & Cathy Olley
Address: 513 Sharpe Line, Cavan



Block Name: Broken Star
Host Name: David & Carolyn Brackenridge
Address: 275 Brackenridge Drive, Cavan Monaghan, Ontario L0A 1G0



Block Name: "Carpenter's Home"
Host Name: Millbrook Home Hardware; Dave Britton, Manager
Address: Home Hardware, 13 King St. East, Millbrook, ON



Block Name: Connecting Community
Host Name: Nexicom
Address: 5 King Street East, Millbrook


Block Name: Farm Proud

Host Name: Millbrook Agricultural Society

Address: Millbrook Fairgrounds, 13 Frederick Street, Millbrook


Block Name: "Hole in the Barn Door"
Host Name: Jeanne Moran
Address: 3 Bank Street North, Millbrook



Block Name: Horse Over the Barn Door
Host Name: Steven & Amy Brackenridge
Address: 1445 Carmel Line, Cavan Monaghan, Ontario L0A 1G0


Block Name: Irish Chain
Host Name: Freda and Gordon Eagleson
Address: 1547 Carmel Line


Block Name: Maple Seasons
Host Name: Pat & David Barr
Address: 1477 Sunset Drive, Cavan


Block Name: Natarajasana – Dancer’s Pose
Host Name: Wendy Gerolamy
Address: 1128 Tapley ¼ Line, Millbrook

Block Name: “Pineapple”
Host Name: Old Millbrook School
Address: 1 Dufferin St.,Millbrook



Block Name: One, Two, Buckle my Shoe
Host Name: Nancy & Ted Hodgkinson
Address: 1312 Tapley 1/4 Line, Cavan, ON


Block Name: Our Community Story”
Host Name: North Cavan Public Schoool
Address: 2001 County Rd 10, Cavan, Ontario L0A 1G0





Block Name: "Peak Garden
Host Name: Liz Avery
Address: 8 Anne Street, Millbrook


Block Name: Remembrance Poppy
Host Name: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 402
Address: 9 King Street East, Millbrook Ontario L0A 1G0



Block Name: Rising Sun
Host Name: Cavan Monaghan Municipal Office
Address: 988 County Road #10, Millbrook ON


Block Name: Sampler Quilts
Host Name: Millbrook South Cavan Public School
Address: 47 Tupper St., Millbrook






Block Name: Spinning Star
Host Name: Ray & Fran Lowery
Address: County Rd #21 West, Millbrook Ontario L0A 1G0



Block Name: Community in Christ
Host Name: St John’s Anglican Church
Address: St John’s Anglican Church
1758 County Rd. 10, Cavan ON L0A 1C0



Block Name: Sunbonnet Souvenir
Host Name: Kathy Abnett
Address: 1878 County Road 10, Ida

Block Name: The Power of Water
Host Name: Needlers Mill
Address: 1 Needlers Lane, Millbrook, ON


Block Name: “The Anvil”
Host Name: Don & Marcia Johnston
Address: 1484 Stewart Line, Cavan


Block Name: Thorneview
Host Name: Francisca & Bruce Gazley
Address: 23 Tupper St, Millbrook



Block Name: Transformation
Host Name: John & Barbara Fallis
Address: 531 Fallis Line, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0


Barn Quilt Trail Etiquette:

Please Respect Private Property. Most quilt blocks are installed on private property and should be viewed from the road.
Please do not trespass. In some cases - only where clearly indicated - the barn quilt may be located on a business and the property may be open to the public.

Please drive carefully. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. Use caution when slowing or stopping near a site

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