The Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail wouldn't be possible without the support of many community organizations and businesses.
Our goal is to engage the community and these groups have stepped up to generously donate their time, resources and enthusiasm to our initiative.


Millbrook BIA

The Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails organizers sincerely thank the Millbrook BIA for their generous $1,500 contribution to our project.
The Millbrook BIA contributed to our community by aiming to increase business, improving the physical environment in Millbrook and the development of special events, beautification, promotion and advertising.  The BIA's donation to the BQTCM will result in the launch our first quilt blocks within the BIA corridor in 2016. For more information on the BIA please visit:


Nexicom’s legacy is rooted in its local community involvement and dedication in helping people. Supporting the Barn Quilt Trails through the sponsorship of its website serves the importance of maintaining the enriched history of Cavan Monaghan and ensuring the stories of the community will be shared for many years to come.  For more information on Nexicom, please visit:


We would like to extend our special thanks to Pat Taylor, proprietor of TAYLORMADE SIGNS who donated her time and energy to cut and supply quilting blocks, assist with painting and offer advice on materials. TAYLORMADE SIGNS specializes in custom signs using a variety of artistic mediums.  For more information, please visit:

Millbrook Home Hardware

A well-frequented storefront within the town's business corridor, Millbrook Home Hardware, and its proud Manager, David Britton, are as committed to community causes as they are great customer service.  We would like to thank Home Hardware for the donation of painting supplies used in the creation of our quilt blocks.
For more information on Millbrook Home Hardware, please visit:

Dulux Paints

We would like to thank John Roy of Dulux Paints Peterborough and Martin Tustin-Fuchs of Dulux Colourful Communities for generously donating paint to the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails. Their support is helping us turn our blueprint for a local barn quilt trail into a colourful reality.
For more information on Dulux Paints Peterborough visit:
For more information on Dulux Colourful Communities visit:

Bethany Hills Interiors and Bear Essentials

The Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails group would like to take this opportunity to thank Bonnie McQuarry, owner of Bethany Hills Interiors and Bear Essentials, for her hard work as a CMBQT Committee member and Design Sub-Committee member.  Bonnie’s passion and dedication for enriching the business and cultural life of the Millbrook Downtown core is evident in whatever capacity she serves in fact she was declared "Mrs. Millbrook" by the Millbrook BIA in 2015! If there is an event booth advertising the CMBQT, chances are Bonnie has had a hand in helping to set it up.

For design information or information about the store please visit @BethanyHillsInteriors or @millbrookbears

The Quilter’s Bolt

One of the go-to places for quilters coming to Millbrook is the Quilter’s Bolt on King Street and owner Kate DeKlerck will make sure all your needs are met to the best of her ability and with a smile.  Kate serves on the CMBQT as a Committee Member as well as a Design Sub-Committee member.  Most of the group’s meetings are hosted in her shop and she is always at the ready to pitch in where needed.  The group thanks Kate for her ongoing contributions to the CMBQT team.

Email Kate at or visit @katecustomquilts

Country Charm in the Barn

If ever you find yourself travelling east along County Road 21 just outside of Millbrook’s downtown core, watch for signs advertising Country Charm in the Barn operated by owner Carolyn Brackenridge.  In the barn located on her property, you will find many treasures and gifts.  Carolyn is also a CMBQT Committee member and Site Selection Sub-Committee member.  This past spring, she donated space for the CMBQT booth at the Maple in the Township event and is a regular contributor to all of our event booths.

Thanks Carolyn for all you do.  Visit her @countrycharmatthebarn

Marjorie McDonald

When you visit Marjorie's website, you will read the following vision statement: "Photography that captures your life as it unfolds, creating memories to share forever." That is exactly what Marjorie is creating for us at the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail. She captures our journey as it unfolds and visually tells our story. We thank Marjorie for her time, her commitment and expertise.

You make us look good and we appreciate it!

To see more of Marjorie's work, please visit:

Valerie Kent is a visual artist and workshop facilitator. In 2015 she moved her studio to Cavan, where she has also opened Cavan Art Academy and Cavan Art Gallery. Currently, her work focuses on human social interaction and in particular, the human connections that are made in the context of the everyday market place. Her paintings are currently in several galleries worldwide. She offers workshops and classes for experienced and new artists including children's after-school programs, adult acrylic and watercolour classes, paint nights, and private events including bridal showers.

Valerie Kent

Valerie has lent her expertise to the CMBQT in many ways. She volunteered to prime the blocks for our school children's quilt blocks; supported our booth during the Millbrook Fair and Maple in the Township; shared her space for our painters to work; and has generally been an avid promoter of our project and hereby provided us with potential hosts.   Thanks to Valerie for all she has done and continues to do for us at the CMBQT!  You can contact Valerie or visit her website at:

Rob Hiseler 

As esteemed businesswoman and author Fabienne Frederickson wrote, “With each client you help, you change the world.”  The CMBQT committee would like to thank lawyer Rob Hiseler of the McGillen, Keay and Cooper law practice in Peterborough for his expert legal advice when we were drafting our Barn Quilt host agreement. Rob has helped us to change our little part of the world by supporting our efforts to celebrate the history and people of this area through the beauty of Barn Quilt blocks.

Rob can be reached at 705-748-2241 in Peterborough or by visiting the website at:
Contact Rob directly to find out his Millbrook office hours.

Dana Van Allen

Dana Van Allen of CloseTalk Communications has generously provided marketing communications support to the CMBQT initiative, including the  design of our rack card brochure. This important marketing vehicle spreads the word on the trail and is available to the public at local businesses.  CloseTalk Communications specializes in strategic marketing communications and content creation.  Located in Port Elgin, Ontario, CloseTalk engages audiences through written and visual storytelling, communicating technical concepts and processes through understandable, conversational language and approachable design. With demonstrated experience in a range of industries, CloseTalk helps its clients achieve their organizations' strategic objectives, from increased brand or product awareness to targeted customer content marketing.  You can visit CloseTalk's website at:


Township of Cavan Monaghan

The Township of Cavan Monaghan is a supporter of the barn quilt trail initiative through the Community Grants Program. We would like to sincerely thank the Town Council for their significant contribution of $2,500 towards this project. We are confident the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail will serve as yet another source of great pride for our community and will generate interest among visitors to the area. For more information on the Township and its Council, please visit:

Millbrook/South Cavan Public School

No one has showed more enthusiasm for the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails than a group of up-and-coming quilt block designers in Millbrook.  We would like to thank Emily Sturgeon, Teacher and Sheryl Hunter, Principal of Millbrook/South Cavan Public School for allowing Emily's Grade 4 class to become the first group to create quilt blocks for the project. Their participation not only marked a wonderful kick-off for the barn quilt trails project, it also brought the traditional art of quilting to life for a new audience.  To learn more about this activity, please read this article on the Millbrook Times website:

The Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society

The Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society is committed to preserving the stories and the artifacts, manuscripts and photographs that serve to illustrate the history of Millbrook, Cavan and the surrounding district for present and future generations.  It also seeks to inspire interest in the value of local history by keeping the stories alive. The organizers of Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails thank the Millbrook & Cavan Historical Society for their continuing support of our efforts to tell the story of our community through the art of quilting.
For more information on the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society, please visit:

Millbrook Needlers Quilt Guild

Members of the guild supported the students in the creation of their blocks, and they will be an important part of the Design Subcommittee, working with hosts to create their block designs.

Mount Pleasant Womens Institute

This group of dedicated women have been long time supporters of the CM Barn Quilt Trail.  Their members are on our Design and Painting subcommittees.

Millbrook Agricultural Society

Our local agricultural society generously provided space in one of their fairgrounds buildings this year, which allowed us to do the crucial first stage of prepping and priming of the boards before they are painted with beautiful quilt patterns.

Port Perry Patchers Quilt Guild

The Port Perry Patchers was started in October of 1989.  Its’ mission, as proposed by deceased member  Greta Hambleton, was to “nurture the art of quilting” and “help the community”.  It is in this spirit, the Guild made a donation to the Cavan-Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail group to help get this important project off the ground and running.  We thank them for this contribution and their collaborative esprit de corps.

For more information about this guild please go to their Facebook home page @PortPerryPatchers

Kindred Hearts Quilt Guild

The Kindred Hearts Quilt Guild was founded to bring together “quilting friends” once a month “to learn about quilting”, “to be a vital and visible group within (their) community” and “(give) to the community through quilting projects sponsored by the Guild.”  It is in this capacity that the Cavan-Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail group received a donation from this Guild.  We thank them for their generosity and support.

Please see their website for further information about this guild

Quilt Trail Connections

We would also like to thank the following individuals who have served as important connections between the Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trails and other barn quilt trails:

  • Pat Dubyk,  Prince Edward County Barn Quilt Trail

  • Mary Simpson and Denise Corneil, Ontario Barn Quilt Trails

  • Diana Jedig, Native Women's Trail of Tears

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