Block Name: “Broken Star”
Host Name: David & Carolyn Brackenridge
Address: 275 Brackenridge Drive, Cavan Monaghan, Ontario L0A 1G0









This traditional quilt block in white and shades of purple is reproduced from a real quilt. While attending an auction in Lindsay, Carolyn and Dave saw a clothesline hung with beautiful quilts up for auction. A white and purple Broken Star caught their eye, not only for the colour and pattern but also for the skill of execution. They were lucky enough to secure it and it now adorns a king-size bed in their home. It is one of those odd coincidences that their quilt was made by Mennonites and her father’s family, the Vansickles, are originally Pennsylvania Dutch. Purple is “her” colour and the star patterns are her favourite. Carolyn has quilted from childhood, starting with her mother and her mother’s sisters. She still treasures the patterns made out of cardboard they used for quilting when she was a child.

The Brackenridges’ 60 acre farm, Squirrel Creek Farm, was purchased by Dave’s father, Ernest, in the early 1960s. The original land grant of 100 acres was to James Fair, who subsequently sold it to John Challice. Dave and Carolyn moved from Petrolia in south-west Ontario to take over the farm in 1970. The shed on which the quilt block hangs was built in 1979 and was intended to store farm machinery. It was never used for that purpose, rather it became part of their feed supply business. Since giving up the feed supply business,  it is used as a retail store--in the spring selling equipment and supplies for producing maple syrup, and from September to December they operate “Country Charm at the Barn” which offers a wide variety of home decor and gifts.  Aside from farming and retail, the Brackenridges occupy their time with two other businesses:  a sugar bush that produces around 175 litres of maple syrup each spring and a grain elevator that stores and transports the grain from farms in the area.

Their son, Steve, is a farmer too. He lives south of them on his own farm at 1445 Carmel Line where you will see another barn quilt: Horse Over the Barn Door.

Block designed by: Debra Jackson, Kate Deklerck and Bonnie McQuarrie

Block painted by: Jeanne Moran and Maya DeMaria

Barn Quilt Trail Etiquette:

Please Respect Private Property. Most quilt blocks are installed on private property and should be viewed from the road.
Please do not trespass. In some cases - only where clearly indicated - the barn quilt may be located on a business and the property may be open to the public.

Please drive carefully. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. Use caution when slowing or stopping near a site

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