Block Name: Natarajasana – Dancer’s Pose
Host Name: Wendy Gerolamy
Address: 1128 Tapley ¼ Line, Millbrook

This unique quilt block design conceived by H.A.R.T. Yoga studio owner Wendy Gerolamy.
This pose, described as a heart-opener, tones and lengthens, stimulates and expands, developing balance and concentration. These are among the positive benefits that Wendy, a registered Yoga teacher, passes on to her students at her peace-filled and comfortable studio nestled among mature trees on the property she and her husband Steve own northwest of Millbrook.
When Wendy began practicing yoga 18 years ago, she knew it was something she would follow for the rest of her life. “It’s a great way to connect to yourself,” she states, “ and to nourish the mind, body and soul.” Guiding every student to achieve a sense of calm and well-being while developing a greater understanding and appreciation of self are the goals of a true Yoga teacher, Wendy feels, and she encourages growth and grounding through the practice of flow movement and focused breathing.
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Block Designed and Painted by:
Jeanne Moran and Maya DeMaria

Barn Quilt Trail Etiquette:

Please Respect Private Property. Most quilt blocks are installed on private property and should be viewed from the road.
Please do not trespass. In some cases - only where clearly indicated - the barn quilt may be located on a business and the property may be open to the public.

Please drive carefully. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. Use caution when slowing or stopping near a site

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