The Cavan Monaghan Barn Quilt Trail (CMBQT) celebrates the history and contribution of farm families and historical property owners

  • Do you have an interesting story to tell about your farm, historical property, or your family's longstanding contribution to the community?
  • Would you like to take part in a volunteer-driven community initiative that tells the story of our township through the art of quilting?
  • Is there someone in your family (living or deceased) you would like to acknowledge and celebrate in a touching and lasting way?

If so, why not consider becoming a CMBQT trail host?

What is Involved in Hosting a Quilt Block?

  • A designer will work with you to help your family determine the design and colour scheme that fits your story and vision
  • Hosts can select one of three block sizes: 8x8 ft (recommended for farms and large buildings), 4x4 ft, or 2x2 ft
  • Our committee will help you determine the ideal placement for the block on your property
  • High-quality, weather-proof outdoor paint used to ensure lasting beauty
  • A volunteer CMBQT writer will work with you to document the story behind your quilt block
  • A small sign at the roadside will allow passers-by to scan a code to view the story of your block on our website
  • Information on your block will appear on our website and Facebook page,  marketing materials, and possibly the local news
  • Each block requires only a $100-$300 host investment (determined by size), plus the cost (or labour) of installation.

To learn more about CMBQT or to become a barn quilt host please contact:

 Lenka Petric    or

Carolyn Brackenridge

Host Information Form

  • Information on what it means to be a Barn Quilt Trail host

Host Application Form

  • Please complete this form if you are interested in installing a Barn Quilt on your property

Host Agreement



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