About Us

We are creating a Barn Quilt Trail in Cavan Monaghan Township

Our vision is to create a trail that:

  • Tells the story of our community and reflects the people, history and culture of the township
  • Connects the hamlets of Bailieboro, South Monaghan, Fraserville, Cavan, Ida, Mount Pleasant, Springville, Five Mile Turn and the village of Millbrook
  • Engages residents, schools, businesses, and local organizations in the creation, installation and promotion of the trail
  • Recognizes the importance of agriculture in our community, and values the contributions of farm families
  • Promotes Volunteerism and encourages community support.
  • Our Committees

  • Residents and business owners from across Cavan Monaghan Township
  • Artists, quilters, farmers and writers.
  • Representatives from the Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society, Millbrook and Area Garden Club, Centreville Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant Women’s Institute and various quilting groups.
  • Chair
    Lenka Petric

    Design Committee
    JoEllen Brydon
    Kate DeKlerck
    Bonnie McQuarrie
    Elaine Young
    Debra Jackson

    Creative Guides
    Charles Paterson
    Carol Jenkins
    Lynda Davidson
    Tricia VanDam
    Linda Lawrence
    Susan Salusbury
    Cathy Vickers
    Shirley Challice
    Sonya Ivey

    Site Selection Committee
    Carolyn Brackenridge

    Marketing and Fundraising
    Brigid Ayotte
    Lance Nachoff
    Kristy O'Sullivan

    Celia Hunter
    Glen Spurrell

    Painting Committee
    Jeanne Moran
    Karen Morton
    Maya de Maria
    Susan Rice
    Pat Taylor

    Fran Lowery
    Pat Barr
    Monica Schjott
    Beth Steinbeck
    David Hobson
    Betty Hobson
    Bonna Walton
    Robin Young
    Valerie Kent
    Linda Thompson
    Liz Avery

    Peggy Crosby

    Website/Social Media
    Bruce Gazley

    Social Networks